MOTLI Lighter + Flashlight - Linen


The MOTLI was handpicked to be on Oprah’s Favorite Things list because this beautiful electric lighter and flashlight combo was designed to be on display. But don’t let these good looks fool you, this lighter can light just about anything.

*Rechargeable, with over 200,000 lifetime lights


*Built-in flashlight

*Won’t burn your candle container or your fingers

*Equal to keeping over 100 disposable lighters out of landfills

*Child-safe ON-OFF button and auto-shutdown after 10 seconds

*Patented Ergonomic design sits comfortably in all hands

*Green Leaf Certified - uses biodegradable plastic shell

*Works great for candles, incense, gas stoves, fireplaces, camping, and just looking incredible


Size: 9.1" x 1.18" x .75"

Materials: Green Leaf Certified ABS

Weight: .18lbs

What’s included: 1 Motli® Lighter + 1 charging cable

For instructions, scan QR code on back of packaging.