Did you know:
The burning of butane releases greenhouse gas which is regarded as one of the more harmful volatile substances to inhale?
Over 1 Billion
The number of disposable lighters Americans will throw away this year.
Over 3 Billion
The number of butane lighters that will be produced globally this year.
Over 10 million
The number of disposable lighters that will be produced globally every day.
It's time for CHANGE, the world of future is here today.

Practicing Mindfulness

I want to change the way people do one thing forever.

To change the way we think about and create fire.

Butane lighters are so outdated, obviously dangerous, and super ugly.

I designed a more beautiful way for the people to safely control fire.

Using my product is a meditation. It signifies the beginning of a ritual that is meant to evoke a feeling or mental state. It is a practice in mindfulness.

You could totally use a butane lighter because that is what we are used to. So caught up with life we sort of just mindlessly repeat the same old fashion routines over and again. Guilty as charged.

What is wrong with this, is everything.

We must constantly remind ourselves that we are alive.

In high school, when I was in men’s choir, we did an exercise where the whole class gathered around the piano and everyone put one finger from each hand around it. The goal was to lift the piano one inch off the ground. The point was alone, one voice might not be able to do much but get a shit load of voices together and you can lift the whole damn piano.

I used to play a game with myself where, to start off the day, I would pick a foot to lead with, and for the rest of that day, every first step I took would start with that foot. On Monday if I picked right, I would take every first step with my right foot. On Tuesday if I picked left, I would take every first step with my left foot. Sometimes I would do this for a week, sometimes a couple months. I never play this game anymore, but it taught me that at least that I could.

My products are meant to enhance your life, environment, atmosphere and community. I want my lighters to be an exciting and easy to use everytime. Like a vibrator but for lighting things.

Life is about doing things in a better way than we are doing them now. For me, it makes things fun.

My goal was to sell a million lighters in the US. Now my goal is to sell a million lighters in every state!

I would like to encourage you to take a trip with me down the road of thinking differently and the adventure of approaching everyday things in an extrodinary new ways.

Calvin Chan


USB LIGHTER CO. has undertaken a groundbreaking initiative in manufacturing by introducing a revolutionary additive into our process.

This innovation initiates biodegradation once our ABS plastic material reaches the landfill, marine environment, or compost site.


With our first patented design, built with biodegradable components, we wanted to create the ultimate “light” device. By combining a USB rechargeable lighter and a high powered LED flash light, The Motli Light is a product of form and function that can light just about anything.


Always looking to innovate.

Let’s just say that this rechargeable USB-C lighter is flexible.


Introducing a completely new silhouette to our catalogue: The LT is our latest USB-C lighter design (patent pending).

Built to last, this new lighter provides a simple and friendly introduction to the benefits and ease of using arc technology.


One of our original USB LIGHTER CO. products. The Pocket (along with the Candle Lighter, pictured above) were among our first two products in 2014. With several improvements to the design and packaging through the years, The POCKET has been tastefully updated to the sleek, luxurious, top-of-the-line version that you see today.


Featured in Oprah Magazine - Adam’s Picks 2018.

Our first ever electric lighter and our all time best seller.

We were the first to market a longer design made specifically for candles.


EST. 2014