The USB Lighter Company

EST. 2014

Every year, Americans throw away over 350 million lighters. We believe it’s time for a change.

We use ARC technology, inspired by the Tesla coil, and sustainable materials, to make lighters that last. Our goal? No more trash, simply an innovative USB lighter that's kind to the Earth.


Environmental sustainability is only one way we want to promote change for the better. We follow all US Compliance Regulations for Global and International Ethical Labor Laws. This means that all our factories and manufacturers have passed the BSCI Audit Protocol. Plus, all our products are insured in the USA. So, you can buy with confidence.

When you buy from The USB Lighter Company, you're not just getting a lighter. You’re helping take care of our planet.


We stand by our products. That's why we offer a 30-day guarantee. If any of our USB lighters stop working due to a factory problem, we'll replace it right away, no questions asked. 

At The USB Lighter Company, every spark symbolizes our commitment to you and our planet.

Welcome to the USB lighter of tomorrow, today!


  • Flame-free design ensures a safe light every time
  • Our long-lasting electric lighters create less waste than disposable butane lighters
  • Save money with a lighter that doesn’t need to be constantly replaced or refilled with butane
  • Modern, ergonomic design
  • Created in fair trade factories
  • Minimize downtime with our fast-charging USB
  • Maximize safety with our on/off button
  • Our electric lighters are available in a range of colors and finishes
  • Shop with confidence with our US-based shipping
  • You can make a difference – choose sustainable products
Use our electric USB lighters and make every spark lights the way to a greener future!


2014: One of our original USB Lighter Company products. The Slim (along with The Candle Lighter, pictured above) were among our first two products in 2014. With several improvements to the design and packaging through the years, The SLIM has been tastefully updated to the sleek, luxurious, top-of-the-line version that you see today.

The Motli Light®

2020: With our first patented design, we wanted to create the ultimate “light” device. By combining a USB rechargeable lighter and a high powered LED flash light, The Motli Light is a product of form and function that can light just about anything.

The Motli Jr®

In 2023, we simplified The Motli Light by removing the LED flashlight and just like it’s name suggests The Motli Jr. (or MJR) was born & introduced to our USB Lighter collection. The MJR is an evolution of our signature USB Candle Lighter model with a luxurious feel and improved child safety.

The Motli Lt®

Introducing a completely new silhouette to our catalogue: The Motli LT is our latest USB lighter design (patent pending).

Built to last, this new lighter provides a simple and friendly introduction to the benefits and ease of using arc technology.

The Flex Neck

You asked for it we made it. When our customers speak, we listen.

Let’s just say that this rechargeable USB lighter is flexible.