Windproof USB-C rechargeable electric plasma arc lighter w/ eco-friendly biodegradable components

USB LIGHTER CO. lights just about anything.


UNSTOPPABLE FLAME, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: Flameless plasma arc technology is easy to turn on and windproof for a reliable light regardless of the conditions. Use it for candles, gas stoves, grills, fire pits, birthday candles, and incense.

USB-C RECHARGEABLE, 500 LIGHTS PER CHARGE: Never run out of fuel when you need a lighter again. Plug it into any USB for 500 lights per charge, with as many as 31,500 lights during its lifetime.

SAFE AND EASY TO USE: The LT has a longer reach and thicker handle than all other electric lighters, making it easy to hold steady when in use. This arc lighter also comes with a child-safe ON-OFF power button and automatic shut-off after 10 seconds.

ECO-FRIENDLY: The LT electric lighter eliminates the need to burn fuel, butane refills, or constantly throwing away disposables making them more eco-friendly. It’s also constructed with biodegradable ABS plastic that is tested in accordance with ASTM D5511-18 standards.

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