OG Arc Candle Lighter - Black

$12.50 $24.95

The OG Arc Candle Lighter has a long articulating reach and solid metal handle making it easy to hold steady when lighting. This electric lighter also comes with a child-safe switch and automatic shut-off.

*Rechargeable, with over 7,500 lifetime lights


*Won’t burn your candle container or your fingers

*Equal to keeping 10 disposable lighters out of landfills

*Child-safe slide switch and automatic shut-off

*Tech-forward design

*Works great for candles, incense, gas stoves, fireplaces, camping, and just looking incredible


Size: 2.71 x 3.00 x 1.02 in

Weight: 1 lbs / 46 grams

What’s included: 1 Candle Lighter + 1 charging cable (Display stand not included)

For instructions, scan QR code on back of packaging.