5 Ways to Be More Sustainable

Are you looking for ways to be more sustainable in your daily life? Look no further - you have come to the right place! My name is Jenna - I’m a self-proclaimed “earth muffin” who shares my sustainable living hacks on my blog, Life of an Earth Muffin. Today, I wanted to pass on some of my top tips if you are also interested in reducing your impact on the planet. Every small change counts, so I hope this post inspires you to start a journey towards eco-friendly living! 

  1. Use less plastic when grocery shopping

All of us end up at a grocery store at least a couple of times a month. Maybe even more if you call yourself a “foodie” like myself! During your time at the store, there are a few easy steps you can take to be more sustainable. First, opt for reusable bags instead of plastic! Plastic bags are flimsy and cause a bunch of pollution - so kick them to the curb for good! I always have a few bags tucked in my car for the store. 

When shopping for food, try to purchase items with the least amount of plastic packaging. This is pretty easy in the produce section - just buy loose fruits and vegetables! This can be a bit of a challenge once you hit the aisles… Try to choose items in glass or cardboard/paper packaging if possible. Even better, purchase from the bulk bins if your local grocery store has them.

  1. Rethink the well loved items in your house - are there more eco-friendly alternatives?

I guarantee there are plenty of opportunities to make these sustainable changes once you start looking for them. For me, one of the changes I made was regarding lighters. Whether I am trying to set the mood, change the vibe, or just relax, lighting a candle is an everyday occurrence for me. Instead of using a typical lighter (which runs out and needs to be thrown away), why not replace it with a USB Lighter from the USB Lighter Company? These lighters are amazing because they can be recharged and used for a lifetime. Make a list of the items you use every day - can you find a more sustainable product to replace it with? 

  1. Learn your local recycling rules! 

A great way to reduce your impact on Mother Earth is to learn how to recycle properly. Where you live determines what can or cannot be recycled. It is important to learn these rules because, well, you can really mess up the recycling center if you throw something in the bin that doesn’t belong there. Don’t worry - it isn’t difficult to find these rules! Doing a quick Google search on “recycling rules for -enter the city and state you live in-” often does the trick. Check out this guide on Life of an Earth Muffin for everything you need to know about recycling properly! 

  1. Make some easy swaps in your bathroom to cut down on waste. 

The bathroom is one of the easiest places to start making eco-friendly choices. Once you have used up your current shampoo and conditioner, why not opt for a shampoo or conditioner bar instead? I’ve personally found a lot of success with products from Lush, but there are tons of other brands to choose from as well. Another great swap in the bathroom is to refuse disposable razors and invest in a safety razor instead. While they look daunting, shaving with a safety razor is super easy. Here is a guide of my top tips for getting the best shave!


Lastly, try to use reusables in your bathroom routine instead of single-use products. Change out your Q-tips for a Last Swab. Purchase reusable cotton pads instead of the disposable kind. For all the women out there, opt for a menstrual cup or reusable pads during that time of the month. These are all such easy swaps to make; but, they are truly impactful as well. 

  1. Keep yourself inspired to continue making sustainable changes!

Congrats for jumping on the sustainability bandwagon - now, make sure you don’t fall off! To keep yourself inspired, I suggest following some eco-friendly influencers. Here is a list of my absolute favorites! Seeing others make eco-friendly changes is a great way to continue to make your own. My Instagram feed is flooded with other earth muffins, which helps inspire me on a daily basis. Along with subscribing to these influencers, there are also so many great books, documentaries, podcasts, newsletters, etc. in the sustainability space as well. Consuming green media is a great way to keep yourself inspired to make sustainable changes in your life! 

From grocery shopping to your own bathroom, there is space for many sustainable changes in your life. Start out with one item on this list; once you accomplish it, celebrate and move on to the next! Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to do too much at one time. Every small swap makes a difference to Mother Nature, so any change is a good one. What sustainable changes have you made in your life recently? Comment below and don’t forget to head on over to Life of an Earth Muffin to read about five additional ways to be more sustainable! 

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