I’ve had candles in my household ever since I can remember. The smell and soft lighting are the hallmark of a nice and cozy home. The only issue I’ve had is once they’ve burned down enough it was always so hard to relight them. Sure, we might have had a long necked butane lighter but it tended to run out quite quickly and you would either burn the sides of the candle or yourself trying to get it lit. 

Now that I’m a home owner and have a family myself I’ve been looking for new and simple products that help improve my home and daily life. That’s when I stumbled upon the USB Lighter Company at my local home goods store (find yours here: and was instantly intrigued. Straight away I loved the idea that it could be recharged and reused countless times. The amount of single use plastic you go through especially with a family is abysmal, so I jump at any opportunity I can to lessen our impact. 

The Motli Light USB Lighter At Home In Red Next To Vintage Chair and Magazine

Once home and after using the USB lighter multiple times I don’t think I’ll ever be going back to a conventional lighter again. The ease of use when lighting anything is obvious straight away. The long neck and lack of a flame make it beyond easy to light any sized candle at any time. The best part, it doesn’t melt the sides of my candles when trying to light a used one, which is an absolute game changer for me and my family. I even feel safe and comfortable letting my kids use it. 

I originally bought the lighter for candles and loved the idea that I would be leaving less of a carbon footprint but have found that it’s works amazingly well for lighting pretty much anything I need. Just the other night was quite windy and I was able to light the barbecue without any worries, normally an impossible feat. Then before bed we wanted to start our gas powered fireplace which always made me nervous putting a flame to it. But with the USB lighter not having an open flame it put my nerves at ease and started the fireplace right away. 

It’s funny when you buy something expecting one thing but you actually get so much more. From sustainability to ease of use, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase from The USB Lighter Company for my home and family. I will definitely be buying more for the holidays as stocking stuffers for the rest of my family and friends! 

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