Different Types Of Modern & USB Lighters

Lighters are a necessity for many people, whether lighting candles or starting a fire. With so many different types of lighters available in the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is the best for your needs. 

Modern lighters on the market today feature rechargeable lighters. They are safer to use and are more economical because you don’t have to keep replacing them. You should also note that rechargeable lighters are more environmentally friendly. 

Unlike the butane lighter, which uses a highly flammable gas to create a flame, they use a battery or tesla coil to ignite an arc which works similar to a flame. You can use this arc to light a candle, firewood or a sparkler at a 4th of July celebration. In addition, they are windproof which makes them a smart choice for outdoorsmen

For these reasons, electric lighters are increasingly becoming popular among consumers who don't want to deal with constant refilling or purchasing new lighters. USB lighters are cost-effective, eco-friendly and come in various sizes, styles and colors.

Comparing the Two Lighters

Butane lighters

Butane lighters are handheld devices that use butane gas to produce a flame for lighting candles or starting fires outdoors. They work by releasing butane gas from a pressurized container through a valve and then igniting the gas with a spark from a flint or piezoelectric ignition system.

While butane lighters are widely used due to their portability and ease of use, they have some drawbacks that make them less feasible than electric or USB lighters. Butane lighters can be hazardous and potentially explosive if not used properly. Additionally, they require frequent refills and can be expensive to maintain. 

Electric Lighters or USB Lighters

Electric lighters are flameless and portable devices that use a high-voltage electric arc to ignite a flame. They are a great alternative to traditional butane lighters. They offer the convenience of an easy-to-use, one-handed operation lighter but they do not require the use of any flammable liquid or gas. 

These lighters are rechargeable via a USB cable, making them more environmentally friendly than disposable lighters. They are also safer and more reliable to use since they do not produce an open flame and can be used in windy or rainy conditions.

Different Types Of USB/Electric Lighters:

The USB Pocket Lighter

The USB pocket lighter is small and compact. It will fit easily in your pocket, purse or backpack. This small hand-held device can light candles or get a fire started in your indoor fireplace. It is also popular with outdoor enthusiasts because of its size. 

One of the latest innovations in the world of pocket lighters is the new double arc pocket lighter by the USB Lighter Company, which features an open-face arc design for improved lighting. The double arc pocket lighter has several advantages over traditional lighters. One of the most significant advantages is its improved lighting capabilities. The open-face arc design allows for a wider flame, which makes lighting candles a breeze, even in windy conditions. This feature makes the double arc pocket lighter an ideal choice for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and fishing.

Different Types Of Lighters

USB Candle Lighters

USB candle lighters have an extended handle. They are ideal for lighting candles, gas appliances and other items. They come in different sizes and designs, but the primary function remains the same. 

The rechargeable candle lighter is equipped with a 100% USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery, making it an environmentally friendly option compared to traditional lighters. The rechargeable candle lighter is also easy to use, requiring only a 1.5-hour charge time to provide sufficient power for use.

One of the main advantages of the rechargeable candle lighter is its portability. It is small and easy to carry, making it perfect for use at home or while on the go. The compact size makes it easy to store, and its design is stylish and modern, making it an excellent addition to any home décor.

Another advantage of the rechargeable candle lighter is that it can be used multiple times without the need for refilling. This saves time and money as it eliminates the need to purchase new lighters or refill old ones.

Motli Lights by the USB Lighter Company

Motli Lights are revolutionary products that are rapidly gaining popularity among outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and emergency responders. This lighter is designed with patented technology, which sets it apart from others. The Motli Light is specifically known for its long battery life, new LED flashlight feature, and patented design.

It is engineered to provide maximum brightness while minimizing power consumption. The design of the lighter includes a unique reflector that amplifies the brightness of the LED, creating an exceptionally bright beam of light. The lighter’s extended battery life means that it can provide uninterrupted functioning for an extended period, making it an ideal choice for people who love outdoor activities or for those who face power outages.

Choosing The Right Type For You

Different Types Of Lighters

We’ve determined that the electric lighter is the safest and most economical choice when purchasing a new lighter, but which one is right for you. Let’s look at some of the factors to consider when deciding on the best USB lighter for your needs.

Size and Weight: If you are looking for a lighter that can easily slip into your pocket, then you might want to look at smaller lighters, such as pocket lighters. On the other hand, if you need something larger for outdoor activities or camping trips, consider larger lighters with longer handles such as a candle lighter.

Lighter Design: Do you want a lighter that has an aesthetically pleasing design? If so, consider lighters in metallic colors or prints such as a lighter from the Motli collection.  


Modern lighters come in different shapes, sizes, and styles to suit every occasion. Whether you need something that can fit into your pocket or bag, such as the Pocket Lighter by the USB Lighter, or want something to keep handy in your kitchen, there's sure to be a lighter that fits your needs. No matter which type of electric lighter you choose you can be confident in its ease of use and reliability. With the right lighter at hand, you can get your flame on at any time! 

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