Why Did My Electric Lighter Stop Working?

Why Did My Electric Lighter Stop Working?

Have you ever wondered why your electric lighter suddenly stopped working, even though it was working perfectly well just a few minutes ago? You might have experienced this situation and may be frustrated with no clue as to what could be the actual cause. You shouldn’t fret. It could be a simple and quick fix. 

To understand why such a situation can arise, it is essential to look at the fundamental principles governing its functionality.

The Fundamental Principles Of Electric Lighters

Electric lighters operate with a tesla coil as the power source. Their battery is rechargeable by connecting it to a USB cable and port. Electric lighters use a combination of electricity and heat to create a spark. The electric current is used to generate the spark which then creates the arc (or plasma flame) that lights your candle or sparklers for a wedding or other festive occasion. 

When your electric lighter stops working, it usually means that there’s something wrong with one of these components or with the wiring in between them. It could be that the power source has been depleted, the switch isn’t working properly, or the electrodes have become damaged. 

To fix your electric lighter, you need to identify which component is responsible for the issue and then work on repairing it. Depending on the severity of the problem, this may require some technical knowledge and skill - if in doubt, always consult a qualified technician.

Common Causes Of Electric Lighter Malfunctioning

Although most electric lighters are sturdy and durable, there are a few common causes that can make it stop working. Below are some of the most likely reasons behind your electric lighter's lack of performance:

  1. Low Battery: If your electric lighter isn't creating heat, it could be because the battery is low on charge. Ensure that your lighter is properly connected to the power source and give it a full charge. Check the battery indicator to make sure it is charging before testing it again. 
  1. Damaged Coil: The coil in an electric lighter can break down due to prolonged use, leaving it unable to generate the heat needed for ignition. If you believe this could be the case, replace the coil with a new one to get your electric lighter working again.
  1. Dirty Ignition: Dirt and debris can accumulate in an electric lighter's ignition, making it unable to produce heat reliably. Clean out any dirt and debris that might have built up in your lighter's ignition and try again.

If you have tried all the troubleshooting steps above and your electric lighter still isn't working, then you may need to contact a professional for help. In any case, make sure to always use caution when dealing with electrical devices as they can be dangerous if not handled properly.

Tips On Troubleshooting Electric Lighters

If your electric lighter has stopped working, you may have a few different issues. To determine the source of the issue, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  1. Check to ensure that the electric lighter is charged. If the charge is too low, it can cause the lighter to fail to ignite. If the electric lighter is not charging, make sure that you are using the right cord and that the charging cord is in good condition. You might just need to replace the cord. 
  1. If the electric lighter is still not working despite having a sufficient charge, look for signs of damage such as cracks or corrosion. These can prevent it from functioning correctly.
  1. Additionally, make sure that your electric lighter is clean and free of dirt. Dirt can clog the lighter’s operation mechanism which could be the cause of its malfunctioning. 
  1. If none of the above steps fix your electric lighter, it may be time to replace it with a new one.

By following these tips for troubleshooting an electric lighter, you can quickly diagnose and solve any issues that come up. This way, you can get back to enjoying the smell of your favorite candle or starting a campfire using your electric lighter without any delays!

Always be sure to read and follow the instructions for your electric lighter, as well as any safety warnings. These steps can help you prevent future problems with your lighter and keep it working in top condition.

How To Clean Electric Lighters - The Easiest Way

If your electric lighter isn't working, it could be due to the build-up of residue on the heating element. Residue or debris can accumulate from normal wear and tear, as well as from improper use. Fortunately, cleaning an electric lighter is easy and can usually restore it to its former glory.

The best way to clean an electric lighter is to use a cotton swab or tissue paper dampened with rubbing alcohol. You'll want to be gentle, so as not to damage the heating element or other delicate parts of the lighter. Gently wipe away any debris on the heating element, being sure not to press too hard. Once you've removed all visible residue, you should be able to test your lighter and see if it is working properly.

If you find the electric lighter still isn't functioning, more serious measures may be required. You can take the lighter apart, using a small screwdriver, and inspect its internal components. If any of them appear damaged or worn out, you'll need to replace them before attempting to use the lighter again.

Cleaning an electric lighter is a simple and effective way to keep it in good condition and working properly. With a few quick steps, you can have your electric lighter back up and running again in no time!

Final Words:

Electric lighters are made to last you a long time. If your electric lighter stops working, there could be several causes for this. It's important to troubleshoot the issue and identify what has caused it to stop working before attempting any repairs or replacements. 

You may need to check the battery connections, replace a damaged element like the heating coil, or replace the entire unit if necessary. If for some reason your lighter still is not working properly, please reach out to the USB Lighter Company and we will make it right! 

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